Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Buying tickets for 2010 Olympics is a pain in the...

I am trying to purchase tickets to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. First of all I want to see that crazy Olympic torch in action. Next I'm up for some Canada vs. Russia hockey. Then it's up to Whistler for some snowboarding. But wait. It's a pain in the butt to buy tickets! I'm on the designated site that sells the tickets -- and everything is SOLD OUT!!! What?

More eblasts from every website I ever visited

These new eblasts keep showing up. Every day. New stuff for me to buy. Check out these cool new shoes. How about some concert tickets? How about some patio furniture from CB2? Ahhhhh!
Yes, I  "opted" in at some point. Damn it. I did. but I didn't realize that a waterfall of eblasts would be hitting my friggin email -- everyday, at all hours. Day and night.

Is this what they mean by digital marketing?

I know, I know... all the money is pouring into digital marketing. More banners? More microsites? How about a Facebook application? Cool. What about a desktop widget? A custom blog? A twitter feed? Nice. Okay, so how about a 2-way communication with our consumer? They can check out our eNewsletter, click on something they like and "Pow"... we're having a conversation. Hmmm. Okay. We do have some pretty sweet data on our consumer. The guy likes Air Jordans. Cars. Girls. Music. Islands in the South Pacific. Viagra. 

email blasts galore

Can I afford Lakers tickets? No but...
I keep getting more email blasts from a variety of companies.  Some that I have "opted in" knowingly -- or accidentally. I don't really mind the ones that are reminding me of upcoming events so it's not a SPAM situation. I'm sure I could "opt out" if I really was getting sick of them.

I'm waiting for the Viagra, Weight Loss, Free Laptop ones to sneak into my mailbox. So far they have not. So far so good.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Olympic Torch Looks like a Doobie.

A joint. A spliff. A blunt. A big fatty. Yup... that's right. Leave it to the Canadian Olympic committee to choose a design that appears to be a big fat joint.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm really starting to hate the NEW Pepsi logo...

Maybe because it reminds me of the Obama logo -- which was not my favorite but is burned into my brain.

Doesn't it seem ill timed to come out with a major product rebranding right about the same time that Obama blanketed the country with his mark?