Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tesco Homeplus Virtual Subway Store in South Korea

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I need a Maserati

Yeah. That's the thought that just popped into my head. I see these gorgeous cars rolling up and down PCH everyday on my way to work and I gotta have one.

Sure I see lots of Ferraris, Bentleys, Lambos and other assorted insane road candy, but this is such a sick beast of a car. The engine sounds like a bee hive on steroids.

So... I'm just saying. I could really go for one of these amazing cars. That's it.

Nike Offers Salvation in Malibu

Hurley, Nike SB and 6.0 and Converse. All in a super sick Malibu location.
Sweet interior, great one of a kind products, and cool art stuff. Damn you Nike. I remember going to ASR with Sandy Bodecker and Bill Worthington back in the early 90's. We got spit on (literally) by the skate community.

I gotta hand it to the boys in Beaverton -- and the kids in Costa Mesa. Nice job.