Saturday, February 5, 2011

Superbowl ads on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube

That's right! YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are using the Superbowl to cash in on this year's ad blitz. It's actually a pretty cool idea. They are extending the life of Super Bowl ads with contests where you can vote for your favorite spot and watch them again... and again. Nice

Youtube will also go mobile with their campaign to grab eyeballs.

“The hypothesis there is you’re at a party, at a bar, and say: ‘Hey, what was that Doritos commercial? Let’s go take a look. Who’s got an iPhone?’ ” said Jim Lecinski, managing director for United States sales at Google.

Let's bet that VW's Darth Vader spot will be a lock for "most viewed".

Facebook will show Super Bowl ads on its Sports on Facebook page and show stats on how many people hit the “like” button on each one to pick the winner.