Thursday, February 26, 2009


IT’S ALL ABOUT INTEGRATION THESE DAYS. Can the web coincide with the retail environment? Can the ad campaign be in synch with an event that also has a web show? Managing this process requires integration of the marketing and creative teams. It also requires an individual who can navigate between the client and the agency without getting bogged down in the minutia and politics often associated with branding campaigns.

Creating meaningful experiences online has always centered on finding interesting ways to weave the product story into a compelling dialogue with the consumer. Brand integration begins with the strategy, advertising, retail and web teams coordinating not only to find the voice of the brand, but the visual threads that help consumers recognize a consistent and coherent personality.

As the web evolves, so does the consumer’s quest for a more complex, networked and personal relationship with a brand. This tribal behavior online helps fuel social networks and spread the viral capacity of a brand, giving it a larger playground than the traditional branding landscape would have allowed. Retailers are finding that their success rests on reinforcing that relationship, allowing consumers to immerse themselves into the product or service.

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